Is it appropriate that presidential campaigns cost in excess of a billion dollars?

Is it appropriate that for a civilized and industrial Nation, America has a horrible ranking on the world stage for poverty and infant mortality rates?

Is it appropriate that nearly 40 percent of a working persons paycheck goes into everyone’s else’s pocket, except the person who’s earning it?

Is it appropriate that an Athlete earns millions, a celebrity earns millions, a CEO earns millions, a politician earns millions while a police officer, a soldier, a fire fighter struggle to feed their family?

Is it appropriate that a corporation not only has legal status as a living breathing citizen, but that they actually have more legal rights than you?

Is it appropriate that there seems to be two different judicial systems, one for the wealthy, and one for you?

Is it appropriate that Banks, credit card companies and other financial institutions charge 20 plus percent interest along with assorted fees to nickel and dime us all to death, for using our own money?

Is it appropriate that you simply cannot afford to go to the dentist, much less a doctor, and God forbid, a major illness will wipe you out?

Is it appropriate that we can not hold our politicians accountable for their statements?

Is it appropriate that our media is driven by entertainment profit, in that stories that incite and inflame are common place as opposed to stories that inform?

Is it appropriate that immigration is even a topic of discussion when current immigration laws are not being enforced at the federal, state and county levels?

There is something you can do.           Curious?


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