There is footage of Marion Barry in a room of crack smoke saying, "Bitch set me up." And yet that image, that video did not disqualify him from being seen as a viable political option in the mind of voters. In fact, not only was he re-elected mayor after serving time in a federal prison, today he sits on the City Council, all because he managed to convince enough black people that the video of him with the crack pipe in his mouth was white people's fault.

    Newt Gingrich, who cheated on two wives and is the only speaker of the House to have been disciplined for ethics violations. And yet somehow he is running for president of the United States as a religious conservative and managed to get 8% of the votes during last week's straw poll in Florida.

    Stupid Voters Enable Broken Government, LZ Granderson, CNN


How is it we accept this? How is it that this is the rule and not the exception? From Clinton and his escapades with Ms. Lewinsky, to the headless bodies found by Jan Brewer in the desert, to Michele Bachmans unmitigated multitude of falsehoods.

You and I, the American public, have abrogated our responsibility to demand even a minimal accounting of the facts.

We base our opinions, not on what we think, but on what we believe.

And what we believe is determined from what we see and what we hear. Through rhetoric, fear, half truths, bullshit and out right lies, all to sway you, not intellectually, but emotionally.


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