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There are no easy words other than to say that we are fucked! Yes, you and I have been screwed with the big donkey dick, my friend, and you couldn’t care less. In fact, chances are you’re quite oblivious to the fact or at best, too stupid to understand the implications of what happened on Thursday.

I cannot understand how jaded we have become as a people. We are a good honest people but how has it came to a point where we walk away from our Nation and yet manage to wear patriotism on our sleeve. How is it we can claim God as our own and deny equality to anyone?

I have spoke often of our Nation being a Corporacy. Not a Republic, not a Democracy and with the Supreme Court ruling on Thursday, the transition to that Corporacy is complete. No longer is it a dirty little conspiracy theory that America’s run by corporate America, now it’s an in your face, fact!

To you who believe this is a victory for free speech. Consider this, now any foreign owned corporation can funnel money into our political system. That includes any corporation owned, by someone with say, the last name of bin-ladin. This ruling is not a victory for free speech simply because it removes all responsibility for your words.

Starting this fall, this election cycle, you will see political ads that are outright smears and lies and they will be prevalent. Corporations can now spend tens of millions of dollars on politicans they like, or dislike. To say this is equal and free speech because I too can spend tens of millions of dollars on politicians I like, or dislike, is insidious at best.

For those who say Unions have had this right and it’s only fair to level the playing field, uh, I’m sorry but you don’t have a clue to what you’re talking about. Simply, I pay union dues with the belief the union is there to fight for me, a living, breathing individual. Yes, a corporation is made up of people but the intent of the corporation is self serving, as in it’s primary concern is for ‘money’. Besides, the couple of million a union contributes to the political system will be drowned out by the ten or hundred million a corporation will spend to push its legislative desires.

Please, think this through. Blue Cross Blue Shield can now spend tens of millions of dollars supporting a particular candidate. How can any candidate that wants real reform in the health care industry, compete. They can’t! They won’t even bother

Most won’t bother to think it through and that’s the sad part. Some won’t care, most will go, Hmmmm, then forget about it and resume their lives. I will not. The cry 121 logo will always be prevalent on this site.

So take a minute and shed a tear for the passing of a Democratic America. It died a silent death, taking its last breath on 1-21.

We the People, no longer are...


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